Visit the Best Caves in the USA

USA has some of the most beautiful caves as attractions. The caves have been created by natural activity spread over millions if not thousands of years. While most caves, caverns are stalactite and stalagmite limestone formations that grow by 1/16th of an inch in 100 years, some are rock caves and some ice caves. Since these caves are a result of natural activity, nature lover’s .who visit them find them interesting.

The Limestone Caves

Ohio Caverns boast of limestone stalactites and stalagmites formations that can be found only in these caves. Meramec Caverns in Missourri once reportedly used by Jesse James as hideout are amazing underground caves and has various levels like wine room, ball room. Kartchner Caves are known for spectacular speleothems. Luray Caves in Virginia are one of the biggest caves Surrounded by natural beauty, both inside and outside these caves have unique limestone formations called Titania’s Veil, Pluto’s Chasm, Fried Eggs Stalacpipe Organ. Craighead Caverns named after red Indian chief is home to USA’s largest & world’s 2nd largest non-subglacial underground lake ‘Lost Sea’ that can be navigated by tour boat. Shenandoah Caves named after red Indian chief is a mile long cave. Mammoth Cave spread over 300 miles is the longest cave system in the world. Niagara Caves, Minnesota features ancient fossils embedded in limestone older than dinosaurs, 18 meter waterfall in the largest room, and even a wedding chapel.

The Ice Caves

Next to Mendenhall Glacier, the 19 km long Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves in Alaska is a stunning ice cave formation. These caves are known for their melting ice, which creates springs. Big Four Ice Caves, in Washington are known for their pristine unspoiled nature. The caves in Paradise Glacier around Mount Rainier are equally good.

The Rock Caves

Oregon Caves also known as the Marble Halls of Oregon its one of the few marble caves and has rooms like Paradise Lost, Ghost Room and Banana Grove, Styx-underground stream; limestone formations and even a 50,000+ year old grizzly fossil.

There are over 50000 caves in the USA that have formation ranging from curtains, tea cup, butterfly and more. The idea to watch these formations in myriad shapes, sizes, colors entice tourist to visit caves. While some caves are best left to experts due to safety reasons, most caves are easily accessible to all.

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