The Beginning of My Beautiful Journey

God, the creator of the universe is present in all forms of beauty, each planet has a different hue and tone, a unique feature, charisma. He also created the stars that shine bright in the sky at night. However, he created the earth with special care and attention and gave us the most amazing and fascinating place to survive. No wonder it is the only planet with life forms and a gigantic biodiversity where plants, animals and human beings co exist in harmony. It has all the natural elements required for living and also boasts of expansive natural beauty spread over millions of acres.

Apart from the lush green fields and large meadows it also boasts of some astonishing waterfalls and springs , the great grand canyon in the United States of America is one such example apart from several others scattered all over the globe. There is also present in some areas what may appear to us as natural sauna baths, these are the hot water jets and springs on the face of the earth that are home to some of the coldest places on this planet such as Japan and China.

The beauty of the icebergs cannot be forgotten as they stand tall looking ahead at the vast expanse of blue oceans. They are a storehouse of the worlds’ most pure mineral water ready for consumption.   The snow clad Himalayas that are home to many are an enchanting element of calm beauty, the forests, deltas and backwaters are also some of the most beautiful natural aspects of the beauty of our planet. The deserts have a beauty of their own and provide an exotic change from the rest.  Whatever the big bang theory may suggest the truth of the matter is that the world is a beautiful place to live in.

So now, let us together discover the beauty of this world as I take you with me around the world and some of the most remarkable destinations that will make you awestruck. Are you ready to explore with me the different cities, culinary habits, people, lifestyle and love. Then look out for my space, as I will begin an extraordinary journey, where you will see the world in its true colors. From London to Sydney and California to China, you will become a part of my voyage as I bring you the best of this world on your screens.

In my next issue, I will take you across some of the top destinations of the world giving you a glimpse of the land of the Queen.

Sanjeet Veen has a distinctive eye for travelling. His creative thinking and narration about an experience reinforces people to broaden their horizons and explore various travel destinations. His intuitive detail about a place is not less than an encyclopaedia. To strike your curiosity and connect with rest of the world, you must read his travel tales.

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  1. Hi Sanjeet,

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I too share your love of travel and of Mother Earth and although I feel as though I’be been a bit “boxed” in for a while now, change is definitely on the horizon 😉
    I must take time to explore some of your other “venture posts”…
    Good luck with your journey.
    You are loved…

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