My encounter with ‘The Seven virgin sisters of India’

North- east is one among the most beautiful destination, which must be visited once in your lifetime. Covered with dense vegetation, valleys, mountains, this place is usually referred to as ‘seven virgin sisters of India’ or ‘paradise of unexplored’.  These seven places include Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura .Few months back while I was planning to go on a vacation like always, I have been looking into various places. India has often been my favorite destinations, but northeast something, I have not explored much. Going through the details of these places, I came across the interesting facts that attracted me more to it. Looking into every detail, I was thinking why vacation has become the important aspect of our life. Just to get away from the routine life or to take a break from the hectic work schedules.

How many times we wish to go back to same places. Dies that happened quite frequent. Well holidaying at a planned destination may not necessarily be special just because the place as got something aesthetically pleasing appearance, it might be a good company as well. This was what I felt until I explored the seven sisters of Northeast. On a 20-day tour, mostly travelling alone from Arunachal Pradesh to Tripura, I realized why they are called the unexplored paradise on earth. Northeast is exceptional in every category and stands as a unique identity in terms of ecology, climate, geography, and culture tradition. The people living in these places are not thirst about urban developments that has a greater influence on natural resources. They are simple people who are knowledgeable about conserving and preserving the nature the way it has been given to them.

The seven sisters are connected with only brother Sikkim to the mainland having more number of tribal populations. Every road has valley, mountain or a water body running throughout the stretch giving you a warm welcome. For some time I forgot that, I was completely alone in the entire voyage. Being a spiritual believer, I would say the real meaning of peace is happiness can be felt in places like these. From adventurous sports to sightseeing activities, one can enjoy every bit their vacation in these places. The seven sisters are the top most places in Sanjeet Singh Veen lifetime voyages. I have no words to describe why this place has a greater impact on my mind than any other in the world. The best way to enjoy this place is by planning a road trip for 20-25 days.

Sanjeet Veen has a distinctive eye for travelling. His creative thinking and narration about an experience reinforces people to broaden their horizons and explore various travel destinations. His intuitive detail about a place is not less than an encyclopaedia. To strike your curiosity and connect with rest of the world, you must read his travel tales.

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