Make Adrenaline-charged Scuba Dives Across the US Seaboards & Islands

There are some people who unlike other holiday makers who visit Disneyland or national parks; prefer to make scuba dives in dive sites in the eastern and western seaboards as also the islands of USA. Instead of buying goodies at amusement parks they prefer to don air tanks and wet suit, and enjoy the amazingly vibrant marine world at wildest best.

Scuba Dive Spots on the Eastern Seaboard

Blue Heron Bridge, Florida allows divers access to a plethora of wildlife, in just 12 feet of water. For first time divers, it’s the best. Florida Keys, is a popular diving spot bcoz of the numerous shipwrecks in these waters. Barrier Islands, North Carolina allows scuba divers some of the best attractions for shipwreck diving with over 600 ships.

Scuba Dive Spots on the Western Seaboard

Point Lobos, Carmel, California dive spot is a popular dive spot. As per rule only 15 scuba divers are allowed each day to enter the waters, to ensure the reef remains in pristine condition. The Channel Islands, California dive spot off Santa Barbara, is one of the most beautiful dive spots that is rich in marine wildlife including sea lions, dolphins, sea bass and giant eels.

Scuba Dive Spots on the US Islands

Keahole Point, Hawaii allows scuba divers a chance to watch the giant manta rays. The night dives are in particular very exciting as it allows scuba divers to watch manta rays in shadowy waters. The Oahu, Hawaii dive spot is also the epicenter of Hawaii’s tourism industry and has numerous scuba diving sites including ship wrecks to coral reefs. U.S. Virgin Islands is ideal for scuba diving, due to clear warm waters throughout the year. It has some of the best dive sites including the Cane Bay Wall that is full of colorful reefs as also ship wrecks. American Samoa, has several dive spots that allow scuba divers to explore coral reefs. Among others is the Fagatele Bay Marine Sanctuary; which is always trimming with marine life. Divers can see migrating whales, turtles, giant clams throughout the year.

The western and eastern seaboards, and islands offer some of most exhilarating scuba diving destinations in the USA. While some dive spots are best left for experienced divers, most dive spots allow even newbie divers to enjoy marine life at its best.

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