Indian Hockey – The Sport to Be Rephrased

The pragmatic analysis says that once considered national sport of the country, has lost its charm to its competitor games, while still trying to prove its existence. In its glory days hockey was the most interesting sport that was admired by every individual. The Chak de movie spirit was in every vein, however it seems to be more of a movie concept rather than a real sport where the eagerness for the sport has no traces in reality. There was a time when people used to get hold on to their radios and transistors to know the score, commentary, and performance of the players. This enthusiasm was limited only to international matches, as hockey was not having any test matches, unlike cricket that became an international sport, which is played very frequently. When European countries pulled down the sport in the international games, people started losing curiosity for the game. It was in 1983 when Indian cricket team made it to history by winning world cup, and became the most valued sport of India. Cricket became the phase of Indian sports attracted the attention of every sport admirer.

Obscureness of Indian hockey

How many of us still remember that hockey is our national sport. Today’s generation is unaware of the fact that hockey is our national game; most of them feel that cricket is India’s national sport. Who is to be blamed? Why the game, which was considered countries pride sport, has lost its identity? It is shocking to see people reacting when something is said against Indian Flag, then why nobody is reacting with same intense for the national game. I have always been a great admirer of Indian hockey, especially when Dhanraj pillai was in the game. I was called Dhanraj Pillai of my street, as hockey was the only game I used play a lot when I was young. Street hockey, kabbaddi was the most entertaining games in my childhood days.

Most of the games that were real identity of the nation is somewhere long lost, while few are back to pavilion. One such sport, Kabbaddi has regained its appeal to its old sport spirit. It is very encouraging to see the country supporting the game on a large scale. At the age of 50, if someone asks me what would be my dream or wish to be fulfilled, I would say Sanjeet Veen want to live the sport hockey once again and see the game getting back its respect and glory.

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