Famous Indian Cities and Their Street Food

When we talk about Indian cities and street food, one thing comes to my mind is the lip-smacking taste and the flavor. Sitting miles away just by remembering those scrumptious cuisines, my taste buds gets super activated. An Indian can never get over their native food habits, these are inherited part of their personality. Few foods are very close to our heart, they recap those carefree childhood days, to grab the yummy snack down the street after school. Well once you are grown up and busy boosting your careers, you hardly get a chance to complete one whole meal, so thinking about street food is just out of the memory lane.

While I was young, I got to travel a lot. I used to accompany my grandparents very often on their travel escapades. The adventurous tour introduced me to the beautiful Indian cities and their signature recipe. Every nook and cranny, of the country is filled with a strange sense of belongingness. Here are few my all-time favorite street foods from the noted cities.

Madhya Pradesh, Indore Poha-Jalebi – To try the best culinary rang of street foods you should never miss Indore. If me, Sanjeet Veen would not have been into entrepreneurship, the next thing in my mind was to become a chef. This strong feeling deep inside my heart sprouted only after exploring the streets of Indore filled with a range of samosa, lassi, chaats, bafla, and my all-time favorite Poha Jalebi. I bet on it that no other street food woos you so much when something so brightly colorful and amazingly delicious is in front of your eyes.


Delhi, Chola–Bathura – A Punjabi food menu is never completed without Chola Bathura in it. Delhi, the capital city, is a hub to street foods; you can see most of the streets are packed with some mouth-watering foods that can hardly resist your appetite. Rajma Chawal, Paneer Frankie, Paranthas are another famous street delights. To embrace the cold climates, Delhi has mid night street stalls that offer amazing Chinese varieties.


Lucknow, Aloo tikki – The city of Nawabs and their regal foods are epitome in representing the shahi style in a simple and delicate way. Lucknow the royal embrace is famous for its authentic cuisines and the very tasty biryani. One must not leave the opportunity to have a royal feast in the city. Apart from that, the streets foods of the place are simply mouthwatering. You may fall in love with the savoring flavors and taste of Aloo tikki, something that you can hardly find anywhere else.


Vadapav and Pani Puri, Mumbai – The city of dreams and destiny of many aspiring actors, is also a heart for some exceptional street food. Even though most of the street foods famous in certain places are found all over the country, one must try these foods from where it was actually originated. The Pani Puri and Vada Pav is just mouth-watering and very delicious. Heavy rain and hot vadapav or tangy pani-puri, just makes your day. Why would one prefer any other meal, when this street food can serve all-purpose meal?


Mirch Bajji, Punukulu, and Hyderabad – The mesmerising city is not only famous for its unique culture and tradition, but also encompasses on some amazing street foods you probably have ever seen in any other part of country. The dosa made on these Street stalls has some wonderful taste and one can certainly not stop eating. Apart from the yummy dosa, this city offers some crazy taste to your taste buds with Mirch bajji and Punukulu.


India is a country, where food is representing the culture and tradition of the cities. It is an everyday celebration and feast to foodies like me who love exploring unique taste every now and then.

Sanjeet Veen has a distinctive eye for travelling. His creative thinking and narration about an experience reinforces people to broaden their horizons and explore various travel destinations. His intuitive detail about a place is not less than an encyclopaedia. To strike your curiosity and connect with rest of the world, you must read his travel tales.

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