A Glimpse of the Royal U.K with Sanjeet Veen

Geography and Nature

Welcomes to an exciting journey overseas as I Sanjeet Veen take you across a diverse land of culture, cuisine, history and economy. We begin with the United Kingdom on our list, which is also known as U.K. this nation consists of a group of islands of the coast of Europe in the northwest direction. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with its constitutional Monarchy and parliamentary government has its capital in London. The total population of this nation is 63,742,977 and the official language is English, its currency is the Pound sterling.

It is a truly remarkable country, which comprises of four micro nations namely England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. England, Scotland and Wales together make what is popularly known as the Great Britain whereas Ireland remains a distinct nation in the north. Earlier the entire country was covered with forests however with heavy felling today there is only 10% of forest cover left. The northern and western parts of the country have a hilly terrain; the Scottish islands have many lakes, which are known as Lochs. Legends also associate these with a giant monster called Nessie, which received the notoriety called the Loch Ness Monster it also has some major rivers like Thames, Severn and Tyne.

The Culture, People and History

U.K has a colorful history of many invasions and migrants, which includes Picts, Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings as well as the Normans. In 1485 Welsh Henry Tudor became the English Crown Emperor as Henry VII after which a line of succession followed. The 1800’s saw U.K as the most powerful nation of the time however the world wars of the 20th Century drained its resources and most of its colonies became independent forming individual countries. Their cultural signature is literature, which gained global acclaim with Shakespeare and other literary geniuses. It can be proudly said that games like soccer, rugby, golf, cricket and boxing were invented here.

Governance and Economy

The system of government in Britain has evolved over many years and has been a fine example for the constituencies of many other developing nations. The present day parliament with the two-house format can be attributed to the British. The United Kingdom is one of the strongest economies of the world and has lateral and bi lateral trade relations all over the globe. It is a prime contributor to global industry and trade and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. It therefore earns a large sum from foreign revenues.

That’s all about U.K this time; in my next issue, we will discover another beautiful country and its diverse features.

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