A brief understanding on planning a Bike tour

Despite having thousands of tourism locations across the country, the adventure of a biker does not ever end. The one with a passion of riding on a bike for boundless rides is ever increasing and that too in a country with several traditions, lifestyles and wildlife. As an avid rider, I Sanjeet Singh Veen, have travelled many places in  India on bike gives me the pleasure of solitude. A long ride trip on motorcycles is not a joke, as it requires lot of endurance and stamina. One can easily drop the trip in the mid-block due to the harshness of the nature of the trip. If interested in long trips and do not know how to, where to and when to plan and prepare for it, scroll down and envision what all you can do.

Where to and when to visit

In a massive country like India, the roads are never ending and choosing a path for trips is easy. However, never get fooled by the area you want to trip up. The road trips are decided based on the season and availability of resources in the areas in that particular period. There are many destinations to choose from, that becomes a tough call for bikers. The best places for a long ride includes trip to Winter Treks in Himalayas best planned during months of November and February for the best cold and snow experience. For drier regions of the country, Delhi to Leh (June-Sept.) is the best and breathtaking experience instilled with one of most amusing hills and mountains beside your way. Hilly roads on the Misty Landscapes in Northeast cities (except Rainy season) are one of kind of experience one should opt to adventure. The places you can choose for bike trips include Spiti Valley (May-Sept.), Ladakh Pass (June-Sept), and Manali (Dec-Jan) for snowfall. From June and Oct to December for snow activities, for Rohtang Pass during May to Sept), South Indian Coast of Andhra, TN, Kerala and Karnataka states (anytime in the year), Desert Dreams of Rajasthan and Gujarat (skipping summer is recommended) and many more.

How to plan your bike trip

Getting prepared mentally and physically are the top most priority for these kind of adventures as these require nonstop travelling during any climate given.  Gear up with quality tools, protection kits and importantly body wear to saddle up in any weather. Good conditioned motorcycle (Enfield, Harley, Yamaha, Pulsar etc.) with crash helmets (ISI approved), Luggage Gear (saddle bag/magnetic tank bag etc.), first aid kits, enough cash for the whole trip (typically Rest 1500 per day), insurance documents, all important tools and gears required generally (one rider carrying all the gears and tools is recommended) is all what you need.

It is said that through experience you would gain wisdom, the same applies here. If you are riding for the long trip for the first time, its best to research well to understand the limitations and opportunities of the trip and you should be planning for it accordingly. These trips are not for the fainthearted and I would recommend preparing yourself well both physically and mentally. Happy riding.

Sanjeet Veen has a distinctive eye for travelling. His creative thinking and narration about an experience reinforces people to broaden their horizons and explore various travel destinations. His intuitive detail about a place is not less than an encyclopaedia. To strike your curiosity and connect with rest of the world, you must read his travel tales.

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