Nation in Action, The Ecstasy of Indian Athletes on Rio Grounds

I am a great admirer of Olympic Games, if I am not talking about on supporting a specific country or nation; these games are stage for remarkable sporting spirit. The soul fact I always cherished watching the games is all about the energy and involvement. The country produces sportsmen and women who are passionate and has obsession towards their sport that make them great players. When Olympics become a countries pride game, the players are always scrutinized on their capability. Players are accounted on the number of gold and silver they brought to the country being a part of the platform. None of them is appreciated for the effort they bestow while playing the sport.

Rio Olympics

2016 the most awaited year to witness sporting spirits of eminent sportsmen and skilled athletes at Rio-de-janeiro is certainly a call for celebration in everywhere. I am not devoid of the enthusiasm that is running through the veins of every Olympic fan. For me, Sanjeet Veen, the most memorable moments are Olympic Games that stay close to heart no matter what the results are. Born as an Indian, I wish my all the athletes to perform their best in every sports category. However, the recent comments that are trolled on the social media sites are upsetting and demotivating. One must understand that only an athlete can understand the pressure and stress he/she has to face while trying to make their best efforts in bringing glory to the nation. It is very disappointing for us if we are not able to back them and stand as a support at the times when they need more of encouragement than being judged.

Are our athlete’s weak performers?

Well certainly, no. this would be the most underrated statement if we have not known the circumstances our country sportsmen/women have to face to reach this platform. India has brilliant athletes when compared to most of the first world countries. However, the first world countries believe that sports are essential to build their national pride. These governments never hesitate to invest on multiple sport categories that providers every facility to the athlete that is required to build their skills. While in India, athletes are mostly lacking common facilities and investment structure by government is very poor. It is not embarrassing to see our athletes not winning a medal. It is embracing that even with mere facilities our athletes performing with great strength despite being giving very little amenities. Every game that is held on the grounds of Olympics should be encouraged in the country and trained in very early stages so that Indian athletes can bag maximum awards. A great country with a great population can produce large number of athletes who cannot only perform in Olympics but makes us proud all over the world.

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  1. Hi Sanjeet
    India athletes are most strongest athletes .They prove this by gaining medal .without any support ,There private coaches train them some of them have didn’t experience what to eat and how to do great worm up.In other country a player get many types of supports like consulter ,meditater,two or more coach per people & many high technology equipment .If you give these things to our indian athletes ,then watch no one in world came first.Being and india i proud for each and every single medal

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