Kabaddi: The game that challenges your mind and body

India is country home to wide range of sports played both indoor and outdoor, where sports are treated as a religion no matter which the player playing the sport .the most famous  outdoor sports include Hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Athletics etc. and indoor sports such as Kabaddi, Badminton, Tennis, Wrestling, Table Tennis etc. While all the sports have certain prominence in the country, most amused and famous sports of India are certainly Cricket, Hockey and Badminton. This game is not native to the sub-continent, yet the sport has captured many souls to live the moment of pleasure.

Where did it originate?                                                                               

Even India is home to several native sports such as Kabaddi, Wrestling, Kho-Kho and many more.  Born as Indian, I have always been on roads to play this sport. My parents would always think that Sanjeet Singh Veen would be known as a sports start, they could have never imagined me getting into a different career. However, Kabaddi is one sport that is played in every corner of the country mostly in villages. Kabaddi sport is very old and was originated in ancient India used to play by athletes for fitness and a warm-up exercise for other sports such as wrestling. Kabaddi was first originated in Tamil Nadu and later have been a prominent sport in other states like Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Karnataka. Kabaddi has been designated as the state home for Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab and considered a very important national game. 6 Kabaddi World Cups have been conducted till date and India has won all the Cups beating Iran, Pakistan and Canada.

How to play?

To illustrate, Kabaddi is a recreational form of combat training in which two teams having turns have to send raiders to the other side of the arena and win points for their team. The court of the sport is divided into two halves wherein each team is placed in each of the half court. It is a team-contact sport where the raider has to touch the body of the opponent and return to their side of the field to score points. The number of the opponents’ bodies have been touched that number of points the raider would win. Other important feature of the sport is the player once entering the opposition’s court, the raider have to endlessly chant the word ‘Kabaddi’ otherwise the opposing team would take away the score.

Why play Kabaddi?

However, all the players are well built for this kind of play, the raider need to take risks and enter the field to win the game. The primary benefits of the player by this sport is to maintain fitness and also learning how to maneuver the opponent which is useful in other types of sports such as Wrestling and Hockey etc. Kabaddi sport is becoming progressively famous among other wrestling sports which also advancing the glory of our nation worldwide.

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