How Soccer changed my life?

Sports are considered to be a channel that builds a common ground in the society, which offers individuals to construct a bond with people belonging to different cultures. It teaches being together and facing the problems as a group. Being a part of something larger than themselves happens only with team sport like-Football.  Sport fans appreciate the sporting spirit and the competitive atmosphere, about a team sport.  However, people like different sports for different reasons.

When it comes to footballs, it is just beyond game. A simple ball, pair of shoes and chemistry between the players is what required in the game. There is no equipment cost involved in this game. It is a game of determination, patience, confidence and concentration.

When I started watching football many years ago, I had least understanding about the game. I was from the land where cricket is the only team sport which is very popular. We had hockey as well, but the craze what cricket have received none other sport have ever received on this land- India. I am not talking about the country sports but am sharing how I became a soccer fan.

My journey to the world of soccer

The first soccer game I have witness and became a huge fan was the year 1982, FIFA World cup. The 12th FIFA World Cup was held in Spain, and the tournament was won by Italy after defeating West Germany.  At that time Dino Zoff was the goalkeeper for the Italian team. Many sports fans still remember the stunt performance of this goal keeper who was a crucial part in winning the world cup. This was the time I realized that, this is not just a sport it is beyond that.

When we talk about the victory of a specific team in a soccer game, we speak about the game and how every player has contributed tremendously to the triumph. Unlike any other game, soccer success cannot be accounted on single person’s efforts. Every player of the team has to put on his 100% to make it a game of performance that is remembered for ever.

Soccer had a great influence on my life. Ever match of soccer after the 1982 FIFA world Cup I have watched bought be closer to this game. I, Sanjeet Veen, have learnt how a game can influence in shaping your career. Few of my favorite soccer matches are:

  • France3-2 Portugal 1984
  • Brazil 1-2 Uruguay 1950
  • Brazil 4-1 Italy 1970
  • Benfica 5-3 Real Madrid 1962
  • Manchester Utd. 4-1 Benfica 1968

The journey to become entrepreneur was a game and soccer helped my dream. The soccer team of Italy and Dino Zoff were greatest driving force for me to stand on my beliefs and fight back.

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