Best Destination for Bungee Jumping in India

If you are an adventurous sport enthusiast, then you must not miss the chance to touch the ground hanging in the sky. Don’t get confused, i am talking about Bungee Jumping, the most spine thrilling sport in the category of adventure. If you’re inner kid is ready to do something out of the box, than none other sport could be better than this. Bungee Jumping can give you utmost fun, excitement and happiness. It is not easy to find a bungee jumping spots throughout India.

In India, there is artificial Bungee jumping zones where in a mobile crane with no fixed platform, above 30-40 feet high from the ground are prevailing; this might give you an experience of the exhilarating jump, but not certainly a natural Bungee Jumping feel. This sport is basically meant to be enjoyed in natural terrains. Safety is always a preference, but when you are planning for a sport like this precaution are taken and guidance is given before you are ready to swing.

Here is the best Bungee jumping destinations of India that makes it to Sanjeet Veen favorites.

Rishikesh, Mohan Chatti – Rishekesh has always topped the list when it comes to adventurous sports in India. I personally feel this is one best experience I would cherish all my life. Considered to be the only place in India, where Bungee Jumping is done through fixed platform over a rocky cliff which is 83 meters above the ground. The cost is estimated to be around 2500/- which is worth for such a wonderful experience.

Lonavala, Della Adventure – Not an electrifying experience when compared to Rishikesh, but certainly a worthy experience. In Lonavala, a largest adventurous park is meant to organise all adventurous sports. The Bungee Jump here is above 45 meters height from ground, the leaps last for 4 to 5 minutes. This place can be considered for kids above the age of 10 who are equally enthusiastic like you in bungee Jump.

Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh – Again , Jagdalpur might not give a real feel of adventure , but above 30 meters high from ground can be a good experience for bungee Jump. It is affordable and kids above 14 years can also have the fun.

Adventurous sports in India are little fragile and not being promoted or encouraged unlike the other countries. However, in India the only place where the adventurous sports can be enjoyed and experienced is Rishikesh. Even for Bungee Jumping, no place can give an exciting memory like Rishikesh.

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