The Idealistic Sports Women of India

Sports in India are witnessing a complete new era, which the country never seen before. Women coming forward and taking the reins to steer the Indian sports forward is triumph to the nation. Sports always been my priority in terms of health fitness and interest, it is always a pleasure to see how more and … [Read more…]

Top 5 Indian Golfers According to Sanjeet Singh Veen

Golf is the sport was originated in Great Britain has been introduced in India first in outside of the Great Britain in 1829. Since then, the country has seen many golfers who rise on to the top with promising efforts. First introduced in Calcutta under the esteemed affiliation of Royal Calcutta Golf Club, the sport … [Read more…]

Kabaddi: The game that challenges your mind and body

India is country home to wide range of sports played both indoor and outdoor, where sports are treated as a religion no matter which the player playing the sport .the most famous  outdoor sports include Hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Athletics etc. and indoor sports such as Kabaddi, Badminton, Tennis, Wrestling, Table Tennis etc. While all the … [Read more…]

Best Destination for Bungee Jumping in India

If you are an adventurous sport enthusiast, then you must not miss the chance to touch the ground hanging in the sky. Don’t get confused, i am talking about Bungee Jumping, the most spine thrilling sport in the category of adventure. If you’re inner kid is ready to do something out of the box, than … [Read more…]

Olympic Games – Incredible Journey of India

Olympic fever is back and this time it is fierce and competent than ever.  With few weeks to go for the opening ceremony, most of the countries have geared up to exhibit their skills in various sport events. Born and brought up in the proud country like India, today am going to share the insightful … [Read more…]

How Soccer changed my life?

Sports are considered to be a channel that builds a common ground in the society, which offers individuals to construct a bond with people belonging to different cultures. It teaches being together and facing the problems as a group. Being a part of something larger than themselves happens only with team sport like-Football.  Sport fans … [Read more…]