Hi.. I’m Sanjeet Veen

Travelling for some people is a break from busy schedule or a reason to hang out with family and friends. For me, Sanjeet Veen travelling is rediscovering myself away from the crowds and the unwanted circumstances. It is empowering my soul and feeling connected to my childhood memories. Travelling is something I have inherited from my parents. I have started travelling at the age of ten and by nineteen; I have covered most of the places in and around India.  My father worked for Indian navy and used travel various places as part of his job. My mother was a teacher who equally loved travelling and had some amazing stories about various destinations that still keeps me enthused. At age of 26, I got an opportunity to work as a marketing executive in advertising firm called avenue link, Kansas, United States. This was the beginning for my international adventure spree.

Have you ever thought, what if Christopher Columbus has not showed Europeans? There is a new world out there that gave birth to new age of European exploration. Imagine, Ernest Hemingway would not have written those great stories that were inspired from his travelling adventures, if he did not have the idea to explore the world. Do you know Marco Polo started his adventure to explore Asia at the age of seventeen? All these people if not happened to follow their heart and explore the world, most of the nomads like us would not have had the opportunity to connect with various cultures, traditions, and explore greatest diversities.

These people are my inspiration to start up my own website, reciting my travel experiences. I feel everyone has a different perspective and angle to look at a particular place. Moreover, every travel experience has some greater stories that can influence people to take some time from their routine life styles and explore the unexplored parts of world.