A Glimpse of the Royal U.K with Sanjeet Veen

Geography and Nature Welcomes to an exciting journey overseas as I Sanjeet Veen take you across a diverse land of culture, cuisine, history and economy. We begin with the United Kingdom on our list, which is also known as U.K. this nation consists of a group of islands of the coast of Europe in the … [Read more…]

5 Kickass Places to Visit Before the End of Monsoon

Are you planning a tour to India? Monsoon is the best time to visit the place. I have always been very excited whenever a vacation is planned to visit my birthplace, India. There are boundless memories like the fresh breeze coming from the mountains. Monsoon is something as a child I have enjoyed a lot.  … [Read more…]

The Beginning of My Beautiful Journey

God, the creator of the universe is present in all forms of beauty, each planet has a different hue and tone, a unique feature, charisma. He also created the stars that shine bright in the sky at night. However, he created the earth with special care and attention and gave us the most amazing and … [Read more…]