A brief understanding on planning a Bike tour

Despite having thousands of tourism locations across the country, the adventure of a biker does not ever end. The one with a passion of riding on a bike for boundless rides is ever increasing and that too in a country with several traditions, lifestyles and wildlife. As an avid rider, I Sanjeet Singh Veen, have … [Read more…]

The Idealistic Sports Women of India

Sports in India are witnessing a complete new era, which the country never seen before. Women coming forward and taking the reins to steer the Indian sports forward is triumph to the nation. Sports always been my priority in terms of health fitness and interest, it is always a pleasure to see how more and … [Read more…]

Top 5 Indian Golfers According to Sanjeet Singh Veen

Golf is the sport was originated in Great Britain has been introduced in India first in outside of the Great Britain in 1829. Since then, the country has seen many golfers who rise on to the top with promising efforts. First introduced in Calcutta under the esteemed affiliation of Royal Calcutta Golf Club, the sport … [Read more…]

Kabaddi: The game that challenges your mind and body

India is country home to wide range of sports played both indoor and outdoor, where sports are treated as a religion no matter which the player playing the sport .the most famous  outdoor sports include Hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Athletics etc. and indoor sports such as Kabaddi, Badminton, Tennis, Wrestling, Table Tennis etc. While all the … [Read more…]

My encounter with ‘The Seven virgin sisters of India’

North- east is one among the most beautiful destination, which must be visited once in your lifetime. Covered with dense vegetation, valleys, mountains, this place is usually referred to as ‘seven virgin sisters of India’ or ‘paradise of unexplored’.  These seven places include Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura .Few months back … [Read more…]

5 Best and Cheap Holiday Destinations

Did you know that travelling to your dream destinations could be cheaper?  To have a quick sun fix or to explore the exotic ambiance, here I have scored few holidays terminus’s from Sanjeet Veen travel diaries. You do not have to sell organs or keep thinking about the places in dreams. These destinations are cheap … [Read more…]

Indian Hockey – The Sport to Be Rephrased

The pragmatic analysis says that once considered national sport of the country, has lost its charm to its competitor games, while still trying to prove its existence. In its glory days hockey was the most interesting sport that was admired by every individual. The Chak de movie spirit was in every vein, however it seems … [Read more…]

A Glimpse of the Royal U.K with Sanjeet Veen

Geography and Nature Welcomes to an exciting journey overseas as I Sanjeet Veen take you across a diverse land of culture, cuisine, history and economy. We begin with the United Kingdom on our list, which is also known as U.K. this nation consists of a group of islands of the coast of Europe in the … [Read more…]